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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Visits Vietnam

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland began his historic Vietnam visit August 17 arriving in Hanoi.

Over one hundred members and friends of the church met at the local meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. in Hanoi to hear the words of Elder Holland at a "Family Home Evening" gathering on Monday night.  After expressing appreciation for the piano soloist and the 20-voice Young Single Adult choir, Elder Holland spoke to those in attendance about their roles as pioneers in Vietnam.  "The path you blaze is the one others will follow," he declared, counseling the saints to live the gospel well "so that your children and future generations can live in light and truth with the blessing of the church in their lives."  

He particularly admonished those in attendance to "learn everything you can about the church" utilizing handbooks, manuals, and church web sites, and to become "honest, good people who are guided by the Lord."   

"I've spent my life learning," he told them. "I've given my life to the Lord with my eyes wide open.  Learn all you can.  Do not let ignorance take you away." 

At the conclusion of the meeting Elder Holland spent a brief time answering questions posed by those in attendance.

Tuesday, August 18, Elder Holland arrived in Ho Chi Minh City.  Members and friends eagerly awaited his arrival at their local congregational meetinghouse.  Greetings were given; the sparks of light and love in member’s eyes were easy to see.

Elder Holland met with a group of sixteen branch builders giving them inspired words of encouragement and testimony.  The member meeting followed with two hundred and ten attending in anticipation of being in an apostle’s presence and receiving council.

After an opening song and prayer, remarks were given by President James L. Christensen, President of the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission, his wife Sister Charlene Christensen,  Elder Gerrit Gong, Asia Area President and his wife Sister Susan Gong.

A choir then followed singing a solemn rendition of “A Poor wayfaring Man of Grief”

Elder Holland began his remarks by giving expressions of love for the hymn. He taught the principle in Matthew 25, “inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” which is exemplified in the mentioned hymn. He then asked the question, “If every member in the church were just like you, what kind of church would it be?”  He said,  ‘You are it!”  The Church is you!  When you look in the mirror say, I’m it!

If you want the blessings you can have them. If you don’t want them, no one can force them on you.

“You members are a little handful of people on a great big continent.  What you can do is “Live the Gospel in your own life.”

God wants hope, happiness, peace, the word of the Lord, ordinances and temples.  Live for a temple.  There is a lot of work to do. 

 “Nations have their seasons.  This is the season for Vietnam”.

He then spoke of strong foundations. If members will make their foundations strong in the Gospel, the future will take care of itself.    He admonished members to learn everything about the church, to learn what it is supposed to be.  The next generation will have it easier.  As pioneers they are establishing a blueprint or plan to follow.  “You are doing it for people you don’t even know.”

Elder Holland’s council to those in attendance is summarized in two points; live the Gospel in your own life, family and home; and pray for branch building experiences.

Elder Holland concluded by saying all who leave the building will have heard an Apostle say, ‘This is Gods Church, This is the Church of Jesus Christ.  This is the Church of the Almighty God.”

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