News Release

Historic Visit  to LDS Chapel in Phnom Penh by CHUM Bun Rong, Cambodia's Ambassador to United States & Mexico

Cambodian members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) were honored to accept a request from the staff offices of Mr. CHUM Bun Rong, Cambodian's Ambassador to the United States and Mexico, for a short visit and tour of one of the LDS chapels in Phnom Penh during the recent visit to his homeland. Arrangements for the visit were made through the office of International Affairs of the Church in Washington D. C. The plans were finalized locally with great anticipation for this historical visit.

The Ambassador and his aides were warmly greeted by Samnang Sea, Director of the Association of the Church in Cambodia, President & Sister J. Lowell Christensen, presiding priesthood authority for the country and Theany Reath, Cambodia's National Public Affairs Director.


As  the Ambassador was escorted through the building, he asked thoughtful questions, and listened with interest, as the different activities for Family History, Priesthood, Women's, Youth, and Children's programs, along with other functions of the building were explained.

 "I am so happy to see what the Church has done with this property," he remarked and then continued, "Many years ago I signed and approved the government documents for this church to be built."  

"Your church is doing so much to help the people of Cambodia," commented the Ambassador as he viewed a summary of the ongoing humanitarian efforts and projects provided by LDS Charities, an arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which includes: water wells, building homes, building schools and donating school supplies and bicycles, providing wheel chairs, distribution of food for the hungry, immunizations, eye clinics, wellness training for mothers and infants, including resuscitation equipment. All of these projects are funded by voluntary donations from members of the Church, to serve citizens throughout Cambodia, and to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in helping the less fortunate.

The warm, interactive ending to the tour came as 70 young men and women, who serve as missionaries throughout the country, gathered in the foyer. His Excellency, CHUM Bun Rong, engaged with them in an energetic dialogue expressing his enjoyment in meeting them and complimenting them on their voluntary two-year service to the people of Cambodia. He ended by encouraging them to continue in their good works. A gift was presented, as the young missionaries sang a farewell song to him in his native Khmer language, "I Am a Child of God."  He was visibly touched by the gesture.


Smiling, as he departed the building, he expressed his appreciation for the tour and left with one last comment.

"Thank you for helping the people of Cambodia." 

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