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Medical Missionaries Make Donations in Cambodia

Missionary Crochets Hats for Newborns

There are many medical needs in the small clinics in the outlying provinces of Cambodia. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a great desire to give aide where possible. Doctor Robert Armstrong and his wife, Sister Beverly Armstrong, are senior missionaries sent to the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission to support outlying provincial hospitals and medical teaching institutions located in the Phnom Penh with medical education and training. They also provide basic medical equipment and supplies to community health centers located in rural villages.

Sister Beverly Armstrong learned that newborns in Cambodia usually wear a knit hat for three months after delivery. Newborn kits, including hats, diapers, diaper pins, baby gowns, mitts and some baby care products, are given to new mothers when they are available. Sister Armstrong started crocheting newborn hats during her spare time and was able to distribute 36 of them to three health centers in Prey Veng Province on March 7. The nurses and midwifes at the clinics were very grateful for the donation. They said the hats would be appreciated by the new mothers that had their babies there at the clinic. Two of the nurses there were pregnant and asked if they could have a hat for their babies too. LumAng, medical school graduate who was acting as translator said “They love to put those hats on newborn babies, even if it is so hot here.”


Two Cases of toothbrushes and two cases of toothpaste were donated by a former missionary who is now a dentist in Gilbert, Arizona in the U.S. The Armstrongs were asked to deliver the toothbrushes somewhere that they are needed. LumAng said, “Because of poverty, dental care is something most of the people in the providences never do.”

On March 6, one case of toothbrushes and one case of toothpaste were donated to Chan Theary, Executive Director of Reproductive and Children’s Health Advocates (RACHA) to use in connection with a Project Smile program. On March 7, the other cases were taken to Pea Riang Hospital in Prey Veng Province, where they were distributed to patients and staff who were on site that day.

Aside from the large-scale medical projects of the Church, Sister Armstrong expressed, “It’s gratifying to contribute where I can and to see the appreciation for even the smaller efforts made such as the hats.”

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