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Faith Prompts Team Player Not To Play On Sundays, Battambang Cambodia

 Faith Prompts Team Player Not To  Play On Sundays

Mi Pisa of Battambang, Cambodia enjoys basketball.    When she was 18 years old, she developed a spinal disease that took the use of her legs. 

She now plays on a wheelchair basketball team.  Life for her has wonderful meaning.  Playing on this team has given her the opportunity to associate with other women who have similar physical limitations.  They encourage and lift each others spirits. They also enjoy the benefits of physical exercise through their competitive games.

As her team had required games scheduled for Sundays, Pisa realized this was a conflict for her.  She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  A highly held principle or belief within the teachings of Jesus Christ is the sacredness of the Sabbath Day.  The commitment to keep this day holy.

“And the earth was created in 6 days, and on the 7th day God rested."

 "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy" 

Pisa understood that the Sabbath day is a different day from the rest of the week.  It is a day of worship and devotion to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

Pisa needed to make a choice.  She is devoted to her beliefs, and as much as she loved playing with the team, she had to say no to Sunday games, knowing she would be released from the team.

The coach realized the value in standing for what you believe in and the value in her.  She was invited back to continue playing with the team, and not required to play on Sundays.

Many faiths around the world honor the Sabbath day, and encourage their congregations to follow that principle.

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