News Release

The Church announces Asia's largest humanitarian project to begin in Cambodia

Renovation of a 32-structure hospital complex will serve thousands of poor residents in the Kampong Thom Province of Cambodia.

Elder Kelly R. Johnson of the Asia Area Presidency for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints traveled to Kampong Thom, Cambodia on December 7, 2022 to meet with government leaders and make a special announcement. His Excellency, Governor Ngoun Ratanak, and government leaders welcomed Elder Johnson, Church officials and humanitarian missionaries from the Church at the Kampong Cham Provincial Hall where the announcement was made.

A presentation was given by senior humanitarian missionaries, Elder Ron Anderson and Sister Kiem Anderson, describing a large, proposed hospital renovation and equipment project. During the presentation, Elder Johnson stated that Church members make donations that help fund projects that bless the poor and needy and that it was his pleasure to announce that the large project presented was approved and would be funded by the Church. The announcement was received with applause and cheers. The hospital director was filled with joy and emotion.  

H.E. Governor Nguon Ratanak also commented on how happy the hospital director was at the news. He expressed his appreciation and said, “Of the 21 countries in the Asia area, I am so happy that you will be helping us in the Kampong Thom province in Cambodia. I will work with you closely to make sure your missions are successful. I know that patients will no longer leave the province because when they see the new equipment and hospital they will want to stay and will have a quick recovery.”

Elder Johnson said that this was one of the largest humanitarian projects in the Asia area. In addition to renovations, the Church will provide hospital equipment for the Kampong Thom Provincial Hospital. The hospital is one of the only three referral hospitals in the province serving more than 800,000 people. The referral hospitals provide care for all those who cannot afford private care. He said that this hospital would bless the lives of many people.


The project was originated from the efforts of Elder and Sister Anderson, who are serving as humanitarian CHIE (Cambodia Health Improvement Efforts) missionaries, whose purpose is to help relieve the suffering of people of all nationalities and religions.

A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled on January 16, 2023 to more formally celebrate and recognize the beginning of the Kampong Thom Hospital renovation and equipment project which will bless the lives of thousands of people in the province.

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